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Today i will be sharing four essential roofing tips i have gathered over the years being a roofer in Derby, i teach these to all my apprentices.
First though we need to understand why roofing is so important and why these tips are so important. The roof is usually the most important part of any building. If there is no roof the rest of the structure will generally deteriorate due to weather and harsh elements. A structure will a roof that is damaged or leaking will soon have structural damage if nothing is done to prevent the leak from the roof. Water or moisture leaking in through the roof will gradually make its way through the interior of the house until it find a low point where it will pool up until seeping over the pools edge. A single rain storm with a leaky roof can cause thousands of dollars in damage. If you come across a leak in your roof you will need to contact your local roofing company and schedule an appointment right away. Any delay will likely result in additional damage being done to the property. We have seen many homes in Derby endure more damage then they needed to just from neglect.

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There are ways to prevent property damage when your roof is leaking. These techniques will all come in handy if you have located the leak. If you have a dripping leak falling from the sheathing or the rafters you can simply place a bucket below the drip and check it a few times a week to be dumped. Usually you will have a more complex leak located at a joint, which will make it harder to locate and harder to contain. These types of leaks are best slowed by silicone, puddy, or a wedge to get the leak to drip down to a bucket.
however these are all just temporary leaks and can not last long term. What will happen over a long period of time is that the area around the leak will begin to weaken and eventually cave in.

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Try to contact your friends and family to find out if they know of a reputable roofer in the Derby area. If you hear a few of the people saying the same businesses.then that usually means they are the best roofers in the area. The fastest way to find out if they are a good Derby roofer, go to their website and find out if they allow folks to see their previously completed jobs. Assess the work for yourself and decide whether they are the right roofer for your Derby home.
When you have finally chosen a contractor do not leave any details out, if you are not completely clear with the contractor there could be very expensive consequences. Make sure that before papers are signed that there are licensed workers coming to do the job, make sure there are warranties on all work being done. Finally make sure the contract is written up with all the correct numbers that were discussed the previous meeting. You can test the contractor before he does any work to see if he is responsive you could try calling them, if they don’t answer note how long it takes for them to get back to you. In some cases the contractor may have a crew that is used to installing shingles and you may e asking for tiles, this would not be a good idea to hire them because you are taking the chance that they may install the tiles improperly due to lack of experience. Some of the roofing materials on the market are covered by ten years warranties but only when they are installed by certified technicians. Your insurance company will quickly realize whether your Derby roofing contractors were certified or not.

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Something i have not mentioned yet is that your capable of doing much more then you realize. I believe there is always something a customer can be doing to save themselves a little money before getting a roofing estimate done. The best thing you can do to prevent damage and extend the life of your roof is monthly maintenance. Depending on where you live there may be plenty of different things you can be doing throughout the year. Gutter cleaning can save on gutter replacement, cleaning your vents can prevent mold and mildew, inspecting the roof for leaks can save you a lot of time and money. If there is something extensive you may need to hire a professional Derby roofer.

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